Edible Austin’s Eat Drink Local Week is full of cool events that give everyone even more examples of why Austin is such a great and unique place to be. Perhaps the coolest event is the one that kicks it all off on the morning of December 3rd.

For starters, The Urban Farm Bicycle Tour just sounds cool, doesn’t it? Second of all, it is a cool event. Austin has always been a great biking town, and now, add pit-stops that include food from the best local farms and chefs in town and you have the best bike ride scenario this side of the French Alps.

For this, the fourth edition of the Bike tour, there will be 20 participating farms providing goodies at the various optional stops for this self-guided bike tour. Depending on where you start your tour, the ride can be up to 20 miles. So, yeah, that averages out to at least one local farm per mile. A pretty sweet ration, I’d say.

Yes, you will benefit greatly from a fun ride and great food, but even better, a couple of worthy organizations will also see some of the benefits from the Tour. the Sustainable Food Center and Urban Roots, two groups that look to get the word out about the advantages of living a more sustainable lifestyle, make for completely appropriate beneficiaries.

So, check those bike chains and get ready to raid Austin’s Urban Farms.