Dirty River Boys – “Carnival Lights” from Compound Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

Who doesnt love stumbling onto something new? I’ve read a bit about this trio from El Paso recently, and wouldn’t you know? I clicked over to their website and the above video was waiting for me to view. Good stuff. These guys are a part of what is an encouraging trend of young, “Red Dirt” acts that have a distinctive roots emphasis. Which is better than the Def Lepperd leanings that many young Red Dirt rockers are displaying these days.

In fact, for those in the Dallas area, this holiday weekend, the Dirty River Boys will be teaming up with the Turnpike Troubadours for a killer holiday-themed show at The Southside Music Hall in Dallas.

Dirty River Boys – “Road Song” from Compound Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

The Up & Coming Duo, Rosehill, Can Be Found On "The Drop".

I’m not fooling anyone who regularly hits up this fine, Best of Texas blog: I love me some Texas Country. Also, unsurprising to those who have been paying attention, I have been suffering from an existential musical crisis of sorts. For those requiring a slight recap, allow me to update you.

Earlier this summer,I found myself feeling continually and sadly uninspired, when it came to my outlook on the current landscape of Texas-bred country. Many of the big names were underwhelming and certain, highly-touted newcomers weren’t picking up the slack. Soon after tat feeling, I posted my thoughts, and made a point to say that by that point, I was beginning to see signs of life from a couple of choice veterans. Well, the newbies have truly begun to show themselves in full-force.

My reawakening to the stellar, young talent our state is nurturing is due partly to my own research and also to my recent two-week stint as a judge for the Shiner Rising Star contest, where I have been treated to incendiary sets from bands that I was completely unfamiliar with. It was another, valuable resource, however, that I credit with really getting my hater-butt in high gear.

The fine and friendly folks at Galleywinter.com have seriously stepped up their game recently with the addition of a new site feature called, “The Drop.” Want to hear some slammin’ tracks from some of the best talent that you might not have ever heard of? Want to hear the latest offering from some established studs and even a few legends? Perhaps you want to find all this music, but don’t have tons of time to dig around the blogosphere? The Drop on Galleywinter.com is what you need to bookmark, then.

Brad, Tank and the crew there have created a feature thats as sweet to look at as it is sweet to listen to. Click on over there now and here tracks from insanely good newcomers such as: 11 Bones, Turnpike Troubadours, Uncle Lucius and Six Market Boulevard. Also, check out the new songs from virtuosos like Kevin Welch, Brandon Rhyder and Randy Rogers Band.

Thanks, Galleywinter. It feels good to finally break free of my Texas country funk.

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