The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano has been a great deal sweeter in recent months. The mall’s most delectable tenant, Sugar Queen Cupcakes has been slinging icing-topped guilt-givers and has been picking up all sorts of praise along the way.
Perhaps most notably, Sugar Queen’s Berry Pecan Cupcake was named as The Official Cupcake for the State of Texas. Beating out many other bakers, our state government was able to get something right. Of course, that’s but one of many addictive flavors feature at the shop, located not too far from the shopping center’s food court area. Cream Cheese Lime, Mint Chocolate Truffle, Italian Cream and yes, even good ol’ chocolate and vanilla are featured daily. If you think you can, you are able to leave with only one treat, but good luck with that. one glimpse into the bright room of sweets and it’s more likely you’ll walk out with a box or two.
It stands to reason that the Official Cupcake of Texas would be an ideal match for giving readers of Best of Texas a sweet deal or two. Head on over to Sugar Queen’s Best Buzz page and see how you can take advantage of a special that’s available to BestBuzz users only. Hint: It involves buying some cupcakes and getting even more for free (wink wink, nudge nudge).

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