Ok, promise. This is it. The last time I go out of my way to discuss how great things were at this years Fun Fun Fun Fest. In fact, you don’t even have to read my thoughts anymore. Just give this video. Look and see for yourself.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 from Guerilla Suit on Vimeo.

I was all up in the grill of Austin’s Auditorium Shores this past weekend enjoying the extreme and often hardcore offerings of this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Headlined by the likes of Public Enemy, a diva-esque and dissappoointing Danzig, Spoon, Slayer and Passion Pit, the festival was a blast. One of my favorite sets from the weekend was the Friday night performance from Seattle’s Murder City Devils. Above, there’s a video of a pretty awkward interview with the band. I’m not familiar with ATX Music Mag, but it sounds decent enough. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge it based upon this interview alone. Below is a clip from the performance that really busted the stage to pieces. The clip itself has horrible audio, but it was taken from a camera that basically held itself about two inches above my head, as I was in the pit area taking phots just in front of this specific cameraman. Plus, you at least get an idea for the type of fire these guys threw at the audience, even if the audio isn’t great. Later in the week, I’ll have a few thoughts on the performances and items from the weekend that really left an impression.

Not much needs to be said. Take a look at the poster which shows a seriously insane line-up. Over the course of the past few years, the Fun Fun Fun Fest has grown into a serious contender for one of the more entertaining festivals in not only Austin, but in the country. Transmission Entertainment seems to take festival booking to a fun, wild new level with each year.

As you might imagine, given our propensity to enjoy music festivals in the ATX, we’re planning on covering this one pretty heavily, so buckle up, it’s going to get all kinds of festivalicious up in here over the next couple of months….