Rodney Parker and his band, The 50 Peso Reward has been country-rocking-in-the-free-world for a few years now. In the last three years or so, however, the Denton-based band has really cranked things up a notch in terms of the quality of their releases. While The Lonesome Dirge is a muscular album that doesn’t boast one skippable track, and their EP, The Apology – Part I, was a great, if too small, collection of tunes; the bands latest effort, the acoustic, Live From The Living Room showcases a band that isn’t afraid to lay it all out in the open, eschewing the overdubbing and numerous takes that a studio often affords a band as they perfect an album.

There isn’t terribly much on here that’s new to longtime fans as far as actual song titles are concerned, but that isn’t to suggest that one shouldn’t pay close attention as the differences between the versions provided here and the ones given on past releases are substantial enough to make even those familiar with the bands catalog pay close attention to the older tunes in new packaging.

It’s often said that the true greatness of an individual song can be measured in how it holds up over the transition from plugged-in and polished studio track to a stripped-down, skeleton of it’s louder counterpart. Perhaps that’s become a cliche, but it’s especially true in the case of Parker’s brand of insurgent country. And by that measure, the Living Room versions more than survive the transition, they shine.

Want a taste? CLICK HERE for “Skin & Bones” from the new album.

OK, for those who may be new to this here blog, or for those who just don’t pay close attention sometimes, we really love us some Slobberbone, here at Best of Texas. We also love us some concerts at the Granada Theater in Dallas.

So, with that out of the way, it’s of little wonder that this Saturday’s show at the Granada Theater is of extremely high interest to us. Slobberbone, along with Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward, will be gracing and sweating on the stage of the grand, old room, and it will be incendiary.

What’s even better is that we have some tickets to give awy to this most drool-worthy of shows. Thanks to our friends at the Granada, the first person to email me at kelly.dearmore@bestoftexas.com with the words “THE MIGHTY SLOBBERBONE!” will have their name on the list with a “plus one” for a friend, even.

Do yourself a favor and hit up this Slobberbone 101 write-up I posted a few months ago. You’ll be so glad you did!!