Austin rock outfit Boy + Kite has come quite a ways from the hot tub they claim to have been formed in back in 2009.

Last week not only did the four-piece – which consists of Guiseppe Ponti, Darvin Jones, Beth Puorro and Chris Mietus – release their excellent, debut album Go Fly, but they were also chosen personally by the Toadies as the winner to a contest that grants them a coveted spot performing along side The Toadies at the band’s annual Dia De Los Toadies festival next weekend in New Braunfels.

Not that the concert slot wouldn’t be prize enough, especially since The Black Angels and The Sword are sharing the same bill. Obviously, this will be perhaps the best showcase of big-league Texas-based rock of the entire year.  Added to the festival appearance, the band will also get to cut three new songs in-studio on The Toadies dime, which is pretty cool. According to the statement that the band released, Toadies lead man, Vaden Lewis has expressed interest in even producing the new tracks himself, which would be even cooler.

After a few listens to Boy + Kite’s Go Fly, it’s clear to see that they like their 1990′s Alt-Rock (the good Pixies kind, not the bad Lit kind), so it would be really cool to hear what kind of edge or grit the Toadies front man would possibly add to it, as he’s a master at making horrible subjects sound so darn great.

Below, give a listen to “Think In Stereo” from the album. This tune give you a great idea as to what to expect from the rest of the record. For those of you that have (like me) enjoyed the surge of young bands mining the fields of 1990′s Alt-Rock (see: the Joy Formidable or Yuck, both from England), this will be right up your alley. I swear, you’ll hit “repeat” on this a few times before you get up from your computer. Promise.

Boy + Kite – Think In Stereo by fanaticpro