Last week, I actually left the state and took a vacation to New York City to visit a friend and celebrate my 39th (again) birthday. While walking the streets of the city that never sleeps I came upon a reminder of home – Dallas BBQ.

The BBQ isn’t as good as it is in Lockhart, but it’s pretty good if you’re yearning for a taste of home. The atmosphere is basically crowded diner with some taxidermy and Texana thrown in for good measure. But, the drinks are generous and tasty – especially the margaritas. You can order the frozen drinks either Texas sized or regular. Dallas BBQ has a full bar.

The appetizers include shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, onion loaf, and chili that’s made twice every day. The crispy shrimp and wings really hit the spot – they’re served with tartar and red sauces. And, the barbecued baked beans were not just pinto – but a sweet and spicy five bean combo.

Beef short ribs, Carolina pulled pork and sliced beef brisket are just some of the favorites available from the smokehouse. It’s good – but not as slow cooked in the indirect method as a true Texan would like. The barbecue is drowning in sauce – not the usual Texas dry rub. And, if the ‘cue isn’t spicy enough, you can always add a few or several shakes of Tabasco sauce to turn up the heat.

Dallas BBQ also has burgers – the usual ground steak as well as turkey and veggie burgers.

Rotisserie chicken is juicy, spiced just right and falls off the bone. Dallas BBQ also serves Angus steak, catfish and cod.

The available side orders include French fries, baked potato, cole slaw, corn on the cob or yellow rice.

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So, if you’re feeling homesick in the City, a taste of home isn’t too far away – especially if you’re hungry for barbecue.