Our intrepid photog-in-the-city, David Hedile, recently attended the James McMurtry “Barefoot at the Belmont” concert in Dallas at the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff. The show was opened by Dallasite Greg Schroeder and I think you’ll see that there are few better backdrops to be had at a concert.


It’s funny. There are still places in this country where Alejandro Escovedo isn’t a household name. Shocking, right? It’s true, though, and I haven’t a clue as to why this is. Perhaps it’s the fact that a few years ago, right as he was gaining momentum on a national scale, he fell terribly ill with Hepatitis C and was out of the spotlight for a while. Thankfully, he recovered and has been quite the productive member of the Austin music scene, ever since. Escovedo, along with other notable capital dweelers, Jon Dee Graham, James McMurtry, Rosie Flores, and Dale Watson, among others, make up the grand Austin vanguard, providing an example for all younger musicians to look up to.

Having just went on and on about how great the man is, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t one of the folks that went crazy over Alejandro Escovedo’s 2008 album, Real Animal. It seemed to be at, or very near, the top of a gajillionty best-of lists that year, but not mine. I didn’t get around to listening to the record until after I had read a bunch of reviews and posts praising the album, so perhaps I was a victim of expectations set unreasonably high? Who knows, really.

What I do know, however, is that I am really digging the new song that has been released from his upcoming record, Street Songs of Love (out on June 29). This tune, entitled “Anchor” is a straight forward rocker and it’s refreshing to see him continue in such a direction, as he is the quintessential Texas rock-star. This is a dude that has partied with President Obama and The Boss (he and Springsteen have even performed together on stage), but will always be back home in Austin, hosting his weekly shows at the Continental Club. And, making some pretty swell music.

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