A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about Austin’s Jester King craft brewery and their insanely delicious Black Metal Russian Imperial Stout. Knowing how great that big ol’ bottle of finely crafted brew had tasted, it was an easy decision to head back to the Plano Mister G’s and grab another of the 750 ml Jester King selections they might have.

It would’ve been quite the dissappointment had another one not been available. Wait, I take that back: I would’ve just grabbed another wine bottle-sized Black Metal, now that I think about it.

As fate had it, another Jester King beer was indeed available and – get ready for this – it was an amazing beer experience, well worth the $10 or $11 it takes to acquire the bottle.

Which one did I purchase and then devour, you ask? Drink’in the Sunbelt.

Aside from this being a fantastic summer beer, thanks to it’s hop-intensive, bright bite, it’s made more special by it’s concept. This hoppy, wheat beer is the result of a collaboration between Jester King and Mikkeller, a so-called “gypsy brewer” out of Denmark. According to Jester King, this is the first of two planned collaborations between the brewers. Needless to say, I can not wait for the second partnering.

Look, I’m not a beer expert, nor a beer snob. Yes, I love quality beer that isn’t uncontrollably mass-produced and isn’t usually capable of sponsoring entire major sports leagues. Having stated that, however, I’m just a dude that knows what he likes and enjoys being a tad adventurous with his beer selections from time to time.

The fact is: this beer is worth a shot. I know that’s not very professional sounding, and not something you would hear from my friend The Hophead, but hey, what more do I need to say than: it’s some really delicious alcohol, man.