A few months ago, we discussed what exhibits were being showcased in some of our states best museums. We figured it would be a good time to see what new things were going on. You know, just so you have something to do and stuff.

Dallas Museum of Art: Mark Bradford ~ The DMA focuses on this emerging, modern artist. According to the museum’s website, Bradford “ is best known for his large-scale abstract paintings made from a variety of collaged materials.” For many North texans, this seems like an exhibit that would typically be found in Ft. Worth, so it’s pretty cool to have it land in Dallas’ Art District.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston ~ We could stop with two words: King Tut. But we wont. This gem of Houston’s stellar museum district has too many other great thigns going on right now. If the lines are too long for Tut, or tickets are sold-out, we suggest the The Spirit of Modernism exhibit. Thanks to a gift from a friend of the museum, John R. Eckel, MFAH has only built a stronger case as perhaps the prime must-visit museum in all of the state.

Harry Ransom Center (Austin): Banned, Burned, Siezed and Censored ~ On the heels of wonderful, literary exhibitions (see: Kerouac’s scrolls for On The Road and the recently concluded Tennessee Williams exhibit), this Austin treasure’s latest exhibit ”reveals the rarely seen ‘machinery’ of censorship in the United States between the two world wars. It’s also more than worthy to note that the permenet collection of the Ransom center has one of the only five Gutenburg Bibles in the US. In terms of literary history, it’s pretty hard to top that one.

Kimbell Art Museum (Ft. Worth): Caravaggio & His Followers in Rome ~ What can be said about this museum that hasn’t been said by legions of admirers already? Not much really. In fact, the jewel of Ft. Worth’s excellent arts district is worthy of one simply showing up without even knowing what’s currently travelring through, thanks to the museum’s high standards and historically-proven track record of being beter than so many others at what they do. So, with that said: Just go.

Man, we love a good museum. Even better, we love a good museum that has a top-notch, special traveling exhibit on display for a limited time. If you’re like us, give these choices a look-see and get to the exhibition nearest you as soon as possible, before its packed up and shipped away!

Dallas Museum of Art - Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection ~ According to the exhibit’s description, this collection “explores the extraordinarily diverse forms of visual expression in Native North America. Organized by geographic culture areas, the works of art in this exhibition date from well before first European contact to the present, and celebrate the continuing vitality of American Indian art.”

Museum of Fine Arts Houston - Titian & The Golden Age of Venetian Painting: Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Scotland ~ This museum is perhaps the crown jewel of Houston’s bustling museum district. This is but one of the many exhibits currently on display. Several notable, upcoming exhibits include the famous King Tut exhibit, among several others starting in the fall.

Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas – Austin)Becoming Tennessee Williams ~ This center has always given special items a special home. In recent years, the original manuscript rolls of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road were hosted here. Now, another literary legend gets to spend some time with the literate hippies of our state’s capital: Tennessee Williams. For our money, Williams is the greatest of American playwrights and this birth-celebrating exhibit will surely help those who may not feel the same as we do enough reason to start changing their minds.

Kimball Art Museum (Ft. Worth)Picasso & Braque: The Cubist Experiment ~ This legendary Arts District art stop has hosted other Picasso-intensive exhibits, most notably the breathtaking Picasso and Matisse exhibit of over a decade ago. Ultimately, this exhibit highlights a complete different area of the multi-talented master craftsmen. Besides, you can basically pick any weekend to head to the Kimball and you’ll be satisfied, regardless of what’s on display.