House of Blues Entertainment unveiled its restaurant, “Crossroads at House of Blues,” a new dining experience featuring a menu created by noted celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez, known to television viewers for his appearances on numerous Food Network shows and culinary events across the country. 

Incorporating flavors from all over the world, Chef Aaron has created new signature dishes such as shrimp and grits, short rib meatball sliders, hand stretched grilled flatbreads, chile braised short ribs and street tacos.

“House of Blues is all about music, love, art and spirituality,” said Chef Sanchez.  “In many ways, those are the same ingredients for great food and that’s exactly what I’ve tried to capture in the new menu for the Crossroads restaurants.”

Previous House of Blues dining favorites like jambalaya remain on the menu and Chef Aaron has also created updated versions of House of Blues staples like cornbread, pulled pork sandwiches and signature burgers that feature unique twists.
House of Blues showcases the diversity of live music by presenting nearly every genre of music on its stages.  Crossroads at House of Blues also celebrates this spirit of diversity.  The cuisine is a mix of American and international inspired dishes created by one of the hottest chefs in America , culinary visionary Chef Sanchez. 
Surrounded by the unique folk art that fills the walls of the restaurant, Crossroads at House of Blues is a place where food, music and art intersect.
The new imagery for Crossroads at House of Blues is a combination of antique road signs and U.S. roadmaps. The rusted vintage road signs come from all over the world, reinforcing a multicultural cuisine back-story while also incorporating the overarching juke joint/roadhouse textures of the House of Blues brand.  The signs, maps and branding provide a subtle overall roadmap to the Crossroads experience.

The junction of Highway 61 and Highway 49 in Clarksdale is also designated as the famous crossroads where, according to legend, Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for mastery of the blues, the truly American art form that the House of Blues clubs pay tribute to every day.


Food Network‘s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle is looking for Texans ready to roll up their sleeves and dig deep into their dreams of owning thie own restaurant.

Casting crew are looking for two person teams be they husband/wife, ex-husband/wife, father/daughter, mother/son, newlyweds,
brothers, sisters, twins, cousins, best friends etc.

If you think you and yours are armed with the knack, talent, imagination and skills to run a restaurant, this may just be your calling!

Applicants may have lots restaurant experience, no restaurant experience, or some combination of them both. One member of the team will run the “back of the house” and one member will run the “front of the house”. As a team you must have the skills to open and run a restaurant!

Are you rife with personality, charisma and consider yourself outgoing?

Apply now!

It’s easy to do, just visit www.24hourrestaurantbattle.com and download two applications (one for you, one for your partner) and bring completed applications along with recent photos to the casting call.

Dallas casting call information:
Saturday, 12/4/2010
10am – 1pm
Westin Park Central
12720 Merit Dr. Dallas, TX 75251


For me, when it comes to mortadella and bresaola its Jimmy’s Food Store. Burrata and brie de nagis? It can only be Scardello. As for fresh seafood, look no further than TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market. In addition to TJ’s great seafood, they also offer some pretty cool merch, including that gorgeous tableware by VIETRI you’re always drooling over in Bon Appetit and and on Food Network.

And, oh my sweet Larry, have you seen the new VIETRI Bellezza Fish dinnerware collection? It is so pretty! I’m not normally one who likes motif-style dinnerware, but the muted colors and subtlety of shape would be perfect for a coastal home’s table or a formal, outdoor dinner party!

So I’m happy to report that TJ’s Seafood Market has announced a another VIETRI Trunk Show showcasing the Italian importer’s newest items lines and offering 20% off any VIETRI in the store! Woo-hoo!

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market, a VIETRI Gold retailer, will showcase the newest VIETRI collections at their Fall 2010 Trunk Show on Wednesday, October 13th from 6-8pm, for discounts on all VIETRI purchases, as well as complimentary wine and hors d’oeurvers catered by TJ’s award-winning kitchen.

TJ’s will offer a 20% DISCOUNT on all VIETRI in-stock purchases the day of the Trunk Show, and a 10% DISCOUNT on special orders.

Need a private consultation to update your VIETRI collection? Starting a new one? Want to create a unique bridal registry? VIETRI experts will be on hand to help with all your VIETRI needs.

What: TJ’s Vietri Trunk Show
Why: Wine, Hors D’oervres, New Product Showcase & 20% Savings!
When: October 13th from 6 to 8 p.m.
Who: Open To The Public
Where: TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market
11661 Preston Rd – Suite 149
Dallas, TX
(214) 691 2369

If you are anything like me, then you pretty much know where all the good burger spots are in Dallas (and are always trbc_looking for new ones). And, if you’re like me then you have eaten at Twisted Root Burger Co. down on Commerce St. in Deep Ellum more times than you really care to admit. Pretty much everything on their menu is delicious, although I’m partial to the Cheddar Burger. (What can I say? I’m a creature of habit, folks!)

It seems the good folks behind the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Thrus & Dives caught wind of the little burger shop in Deep Ellum and filmed a feature on the place.  On Monday, April 27 the world will get a chance to see what is so great about Twisted Root as Guy Fieri and his blonde, spiky hair will air their feature of Twisted Root Burger Co. on the show.

Hopefully the show will be a chance to showcase the great atmosphere of the joint–with its bare brick walls, bottle cap table tops and their affable employees.  I always find great enjoyment in the anticipation for which film/television character name I get so I’ll know when my order is ready.  So, I hope they showcase that little bit of fun as well.

And maybe, just maybe, it will attract more stars to the place other than Stallone, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz whose autographed pictures are hung with pride.  True story, my brother came into town for a visit and I told him I would take him down to get a burger at Twisted Root.  We placed our order, got our names and drinks and we sat at our table.  As we sat there talking I noticed a guy sitting at the table behind us that looked vaguely familiar.  Then it popped into my brain: KENNY LOGGINS!  Yep, none other than Mr. Danger Zone was sitting directly behind my brother.  I’m not sure how I survived that brush with greatness, but I was able to maintain and eat my burger.

If you don’t believe me or Guy Fieri on how great the place is I suggest you go down to 2615 Commerce Street, or their new location at 730 E. Campbell Road in Richardson and check it out for yourself.  If you think I’m wrong, well…