There’s really not much to say or add to what you see below. If you’re not famililar with the site Daytrotter.Com, then you’ve been missing out n some serious (and free) music by some of the biggest names (Death Cab for Cutie, Social D, Bon Iver) and brightest up and comers (Yuck, Portugal the Man, Dawes) that the musical universe has to offer. Big time. But, there’s good news: It doesn’t really matter if you havent clicked onto the site ever before, as there is gold beyond measure awaiting you from years of not visiting it before.

What’s even better is that many Texas-based acts have visited the Daytrotter studios in Rock Island, Ill and laid down tracks to be listened to and downloaded from the site. There’s always a great write-up and whimsical artwork to go along with the 4-5 songs as well.

Well, let’s get to it. Below are but a sampling of Texans that have Daytrotted before. You’d be crazy to not dig deeper, OK??

Matt the Electrician | Fresh Millions | Dale Watson | Dignan | Doug Burr | Old 97′s | Ben Kweller | Black Angels | Centro-matic | Jesse Dayton | Meat Puppets | Asleep at the Wheel | Monahans | Seryn | Robert Ellis

I’m just like most music lovers in the way that I still resort to discovering new bands inside the pages of my favorite magazines, among other channels, of course.

Thanks to a short, but sweet, capsule in this month’s edition of Relevant magazine, I became intrigued with the story and vision of indie-rock group Dignan, from McAllen, near the Mexican border.

Sadly, the article isn’t available on-line at Relevant’s official site, so I’ll encourage you to go pick up a copy. Basically, however, what caught my attention initially was when Andy Pena, the lead singer, proclaimed something to the effect of how the band doesn’t sound as if they are from Texas, or how the band’s sound isn’t directly influenced by his immediate surroundings. He says that he is influenced more from the sounds of Seattle and Toronto, ultimately.

After giving a listen to their sterling, debut and self-released LP, Cheaters & Thieves, I can see why he would say that. Sharing more in common sonically with Band of Horses, Beach House and even My Morning Jacket, no one in their right mind will ever confuse Dignan with Los Super 7. I guess since I’m a Dallasite, and get to see a variety of genres excel in my home surroundings, I feel like the “musical sound of Texas” is a more varied and wide-ranging creature than Dignan’s lead man Pena must see and hear, first hand, near the border.

Another interesting note, is that the members are Christian, but seem to avoid the artistic limitations that can often be saddled on bands that deem themselves a Chrstian band, as opposed to having Christians together in a band.

Present are certain themes that might bring people to determine the faith of the band, but instead of coming across as preachy, Dignan really looks to simply work through the struggles, not teach others about the consequences of said issues. Searching for answers in some form has always been a core trait for rock and roll, and inside the faith of many rock and rollers, as well.

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