NYLO Hotels are giving you the chance to have your artwork showcased in their newest hotel, NYLO Dallas Southside. The hotel is currently under construction at 1325 South Lamar at Belleview and is due to open in July 2012.

They are holding an unique competition to showcase original artwork from the dynamic local arts scene to enhance the hotel’s interior design. Winning artwork will be displayed throughout the hotel in the guestrooms, corridors and lobby.

Not only will the winning artists have their work showcased in the hotels guestrooms, corridors and lobby, they will also get some other super perks! These include cash prizes from $150 to $2000 as well as being invited the the grand opening of the hotel and the winning artwork being displayed on the NYLO website with contact details of the artist alongside it, allowing guests of the hotel to purchase the artwork.

All submissions need to be entered before Friday March 16th 2012. Winners will be notified on or around March 23rd 2012.

The competition is open to everyone, but NYLO are especially interested in submissions  from the DFW area.

“Original art created by local artists that is reflective of the neighborhoods we serve is part of the NYLO brand’s soul and DNA. Dallas is known for its wealth of talented artists and with the NYLO Dallas South Side Art program, local artists will have the opportunity to help enrich the atmosphere of the NYLO Dallas South Side and to showcase their work,” says Michael Mueller, President and CEO, NYLO Hotels.

For more details on the judging criteria, complete details on prizes, competition rules and an entry form, please visit this website.









Photo Credit: Crave dfw

You may remember a while back, we had a bunch of you out for one of our “Appy Hours” at The Nodding Donkey in Dallas. There’s been little debate as to whether the Thomas Ave spot is a quality stop for drinks and general after-work revelry. Now, with a new menu, it’s an even more attractive option. The Nodding Donkey has gone from being a “decent place for a drink” to the “perfect place to spend an entire evening.”

The goodies that have already become neighborhood faves remain on the menu – this isn’t some desperate overhaul, now – along with some lighter items that had been requested by many of the bar’s regulars. Want to take a look? Check out the Donkey’s website for a better look.

Also, be sure to check these specials out on specific nights of the week…

  • Sunday: $9.95 Baby Back Ribs
  • Monday: .50 cent Wings, $2.00 Purple Nurples and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and $3.00 Jameson’s and Miller drafts.
  •  Tuesday: Trivia Night, $9.95 Bone-In Pork Chop
  • Wednesday: $8.95 Chicken Fried Steak with all the fixin’s

Our intrepid photog-in-the-city, David Hedile, recently attended the James McMurtry “Barefoot at the Belmont” concert in Dallas at the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff. The show was opened by Dallasite Greg Schroeder and I think you’ll see that there are few better backdrops to be had at a concert.


While the again-bustling Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum is indeed feeling the positive effects of resurgence, it is and will always be tough for me to ever forget how good things were down there in the mid-1990′s when bands like Doosu, Funland, The Toadies, Hagfish and Tripping Daisy ruled Elm, Main, Canton and Crowdus streets, just east of Downtown Dallas.

Of course, that’s just me experiencing a bit of unnecessary flashback, the fact is, Dallas as a whole has been busting out some great acts in recent years, and many of those bands involve key figures from the aforementioned “glory days” bands. Take, for example, Casey Hess from Doosu, now with Descender, and even more recently, how about Tim DeLaughter, the noted frontman for Tripping Daisy and Polyphonic Spree. He’s heading up a new project named Preteen Zenith and in advance of their debut live performance on Saturday at the Gorilla Vs Bear Festival, the band released a track that gives us all a feel for what we can expect from future releases from the band.

Abstraction by Preteen Zenith

Look: I know that we can get very wordy here and get all kinds of crazy with trying to label artists and detail exactly what nice, neat little corner of the musical universe a song or album might fit into. No biggie, really. We all just want to understand music and know what something sounds like before we even here it. You know, if someone tells you that a band reminds them of the Replacements, and you aren’t a fan of that band, then you may want to avoid them if you dont want to make the effort to judge for yourself (hey, we’re all busy, you know?). Maybe a friend tells you that a certain song sounds “like what country music should sound like,” and you despise country music in any form, then again, it’s good to have a general idea of what to expect, thanks to a comparison someone you trust provided.

Well, I don’t know what to tell you about Dead Rider. Their sound is just so…so…perplexing? Maybe? I guess? I know that the Chicago-based band’s new album, Raw Dents is a masterwork of odd angles, off-kilter tempos and general weirdness…which is 100% greatness.

Some call them art-rock, others have called them industrial, some even detect some funk in the mix. OK, fair enough. I get all of that…I think. How about this for a description. When I click on their video for “The Pointed Stick” (below), or listen to Raw Dents, I can’t easily tear myself away from either. So, addictive and enthralling. How’s that for describing their sound without actually describing their sound…HUH???

Thankfully, this weekend, many Texas (and even a few Okies) will get to form their own description of this band that has simply taken my brain hostage in recent weeks. On Friday in Austin Dead rider will take over Emo’s, and then make their way north to infest the Doublewide in Dallas on July 2nd, before hitting Oklahoma. Do not miss this band!

In our second edition of Rockin’ The Lens, David Heidle hit The Granada Theater in Dallas this past Saturday night for a show that certainly tore it up. Denton’s Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward made great use of their time as opening act for one of their musical heroes, while Slobberbone came out and made sure everyone knew why it is people have been so excited about their return. Don’t take my word for it. Let Dave’s pics do the talking!















Rodney Parker & 50 Peso reward impressed with tunes from the last two offerings, including alst year's EP, the Apology, Part I.

While Dallas get its share of love as a place of top notch dining establishments, both of quality and quantity, people tend to forget that there are foodie havens in the area that aren’t guarded by stuffy maitre-d’s, or regularly hosting adventurous, chef’s table experiences.

One of those havens is easily Scardello Artisan Cheese. The Oak Lawn shop has garnered a reputation not only for fine cheeses, but for teaching its patrons about them and the many ways in which cheese can liven up any meal or party.

Here are some of the classes that are offered soon:

Beer vs. Wine Smackdown! 

Thursday, May 5, 7:00pm 

Which is truly the better pair with cheese? Will wine lovers shake their stems in the agony of defeat? Will beer lovers mourn by crying into their…well…beer? Even if you know the answers to these vexing questions, who wouldn’t love the experience of putting these two elixirs to the test? Each of the five rounds consists of one cheese, one wine and one beer. You will talk about pairing in general and specific impressions of each pair. There will be a vote and a winner. What truly is cheese’s best partner? You will decide!


Thursday, May 19, 7:00pm 

Join them as they nibble their way through the different cheese types. Experience comparative tastings of cheese and out-of-the-ordinary items that will help you focus on the distinct flavors of each cheese type. They will cover the basics on how cheese is made and answer questions about cheese pairing fundamentals. Of course, there will be soothing libations provided to be enjoyed in the relaxing atmosphere of the shop! 

The Blues

Thursday, May 26, 7:00pm

Blue, green and in-between! Those lovely veins running through blue cheese make the mouth tingle in anticipation. Learn about these wonders of the cheese world. Taste examples from mild to strong, creamy to crumbly and one or two that feel like a good old fashioned kick in the teeth! Of course, they’ll pair these delights with near-perfect libations.

So, not in the mood to take a class? How about a lazy, cheese-filled Sunday? To help you on your quest they will have a Sunday Only Menu. In addition to their cheese plates and regular sandwiches, start with Coffee brewed fresh from Cafe Ibis in Utah. They will offer $6 Mimosas and a new Sunday-exclusive sandwich. The Opened-Faced for Suggestionsis served sans salad on two open faces of Farmhouse bread with Wisconsin cured Pancetta and brûléed Gruyere. The name of the sandwich is up in the air. You have a chance to name it. Stop by Sunday, give it a try and give them your suggested name. They’ll award the winner with a delicious surprise!

Contact Information:

Phone: 214.219.1300

Hours: Monday -Thursday 11am-7pm

Friday -Saturday 11am-8pm

Sunday 1pm-6pm

This is your opportunity to be a hero for kids with cancer!

There’s going to be a St. Baldrick’s event, and whether you decide to shave your head, volunteer, or donate,  you have a wonderful chance to be a part of the excitement.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. What began as a challenge between friends has grown into the world’s fastest growing volunteer-driven fundraising opportunity benefiting childhood cancer research. Beginning back in 2000, the foundation has clearly caught-on and is really making a difference.

Get involved and you’ll be giving hope to infants, children, teens and young adults fighting childhood cancers. Since 2000, more than 147,000 volunteers — including over 12,000 women — have shaved in solidarity with children with cancer at events in dozens of countries and every U.S. state. 

If you choose to support a participant or team at the event, your name will appear on their donor list. To support the event in general and appear on the event donor list, please go to the event’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE and click “Make a Donation” to give online, or you can also donate by phone or through the mail.

Do not miss the event. Be sure to be at Milo Butterfinger’s (5645 Yale Blvd Dallas, TX 75206) on March 30th at 4:00 pm to be apart of the fun with an amazingly good and life-saving cause.

For those of us with small kids, or even not-so-small kids, the Saturday birthday party can be a bit of a beating and can absolutely throw a wrench into any well-meaning plans of getting something productive around the house done (even if we were likely never going to get to that pesky project, anyways.) Screaming kids, ringing video games, creepy, large singing mice and general sensory overload can really bring a frown to a parent’s face, if we’re all being honest here (we are, aren’t we?).

For many of us possessors of the BestBuzz App, we have found a different, and less stressful way of helping our children celebrate birthdays, whether it be their own, or the celebration for one of their tiny friends: Bounce U.

The well-trained staff of each Bounce U knows how to operate the well-oiled party machine they possess, ultimately taking the headache of having to handle everything away from the parent. Imagine, just hanging out while your kids bounce and play in the indoor, bounce-eriffic playrooms before heading to another party room for pizza, goodies and presents – all in the span of a quick hour or two.

Be sure to use the BestBuzz App to it’s fullest and you can see what I mean for yourself. Go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bestbuzz/id405561566?mt=8 to read more about the App and download it FOR FREE, for yourself.

Wow. I’ve been on a pretty serious rock kick as of late. In fact, I’ll get even more specific: I’ve been on, and will continue to be on, a serious Dallas rock kick. How can I not be? The new and upcoming releases from Here Holy Spain and True Widow have been making my iPod its woman and now, Descender, yet another band that has tight connections to the glorious past of Deep Ellum’s glory days, has a new album out that is simply a thick wall of driving rock prowess.

Dark Water- which is the veteran four-piece band’s second album and follow-up to their Army of Elephants from a couple of years ago – showcases an “alt-rock” vibe that’s actually an alternative to what currently is called “alt-rock.” Former Doosu leader and Burden Brothers guitarist Casey Hess and crew proffer an arena-filling sound that refrains from glossing over into a prettier, shimmering territory that would pull all of the band’s jagged teeth out.

Adding to the cohesiveness of the record’s dense sonic quality is the ominous band name, album title and menacing lyrics. Duncan Black’s pulsing, percussive presence is noticeable and might be the key to the band’s general identity in terms of giving the right backdrop to the rest of the important variables that go into this band’s overall recorded product.

“Blinding Side,” is a pounding, invigorating and even atmospheric anthem that would simply get all screwed up by a band of beginners looking to simply rock out for a 6-pack. The tune’s slow build into a soaring, melodic tone will surely be one the best rock songs I’ll hear over the course of this entire year.

Yes, it’s always a bummer when beloved bands break-up or go onto other projects. But – and this is a big ol’ but – when a beloved band forges ahead and uses their perspective on the past to inform their future and create something vital and relevant to who they are as a person and artist in the present, it’s easy to see that change is good and the good old days are just that – Good. And old.

Kelly Dearmore is a freelance writer, mean pot of chili maker and opinionated music lover. To read more about what Kelly is listening to, visit him here on The Squawker weekly.