This Saturday in Dallas, men will be hitting the streets of Dallas for a cause far greater than the odd fashion statement they’ll surely be making.

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes, brought to us by the folks at the Dallas County Sexual Assault Coalition, will be a fun event that provides some serious awareness to the north Texas area. Billed as the “Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault and Violence,” the walk which starts at 9 am on Saturday at The Nodding Donkey, could also score someone a couple of Cowboys tickets, along with helping a truly worthy cause.

Follow the instructions below to register for the race and to be automatically entered for FOUR TICKETS and a PARKING PASS to the Cowboys-Seahawks game on November 6th. This is a package worth over $1400. All that for simply registering to walk in some heels for an amazing cause. Don’t forget, you’ll need our BestBuzz App to take part in the give-away. Go HERE for your iPhone or HERE for your Android.

Tonight I took a little drive to Arlington, Texas just to see for myself if it lived up to all the hype.  I mean, sure, Arlington is the home of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Texas Rangers Ballpark and Six Flags Over Texas, but I wanted to know what life in Arlington was like when there isn’t a ballgame or roller coaster on a fellow’s itinerary.  As I neared the area in which Cowboys Stadium and Rangers Ballpark are located, I noticed this really nice townhome complex on The Road to Six Flags St.

Called Chelsea Park Townhomes, I was immediately struck by how close it was to both sports venues.  It was so close, in fact, that people were paying to park in nearby lots to walk to that night’s Rangers game against the Seattle Mariners, a game which the Rangers, sadly, lost 4-2.  I thought to myself about how nice it would be to just be able to go to the ballpark on a Monday night without having to make the baseball game the central part of my day, since this sort of access is usually enjoyed only by Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs fans.

Chelsea Park is located on a piece of prime real estate heading into the 2010-2011 football season.  With the screens on the outside of “Boss Hogg Bowl,” residents could actually watch the games from their rooftop balconies.  Seeing as the complex is only one-half mile away, a resident Cowboys fan would not have to spend hours in traffic, yelling at everyone on the road to get out of the way.  (This, ultimately I suppose, would preserve the aforementioned fan’s voice for when it is needed most, during the game.)  Whether or not the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl this coming season, Arlington will be the site of one of the biggest sporting events in the world, Super Bowl 2011, and Chelsea Park will be in the middle of all of the action.

Sports not your bag?  The complex’s residents can also walk to shopping and dining areas.  Lincoln Square Shopping Center is located within walking distance and contains restaurants such as Hibachi 97 and Olive Garden.  Retail stores such as Gap, Jones New York and Nine West also call Lincoln Square home.  Nightlife is active as well with establishments such as Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub and Grill and Xtra Innings Sports Bar.

Chelsea Park’s central location acts as a gateway to the conveniences of both Dallas and Ft. Worth.  I-30 is quickly accessed from the townhomes making both cities reachable within 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic.  The complex is also 15 minutes away from DFW International Airport and getting to the airport and back is a breeze, so frequent travelers will really enjoy Chelsea Park.

Chelsea Park Townhomes makes for a great homebase for anyone, be it their first home or a second, home away from home.  The complex is gated and each apartment is pre-wired for an intrusion alarm system so when you’re not there, your place is always protected.

These brownstone-styled townhomes define luxury.  Each unit comes with a 2-car garage with remote, a pre-wired living area with surround sound, European-style concealed hinge cabinetry and granite slab countertops.  The bathrooms are impressive with oval garden tubs and semi-frameless glass shower enclosures.  Upgrades are available such as  jetted tubs in the master bathrooms and pre-wired speakers on roof decks.  The complex also includes courtyards in between the buildings, plenty of green space and, bonus, the townhomes are in close proximity to hiking and bike trails.  While the townhomes are located in a bustling area, these green spaces provide a tranquility to the complex.  Inside the gates of the complex, it is quiet and relaxing.

With its central location, proximity to what is fast becoming the entertainment capital of the DFW area, and luxurious construction and amenities, Chelsea Park Townhomes is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to move to the great city of Arlington or searching for a second home.

Chelsea Park Townhomes
206 Road to Six Flags E
Arlington, Texas 76011
Tel 817.265.1000

It’s the moment so many have been waiting for…now that American Idol hopefuls, George Strait, one errant employee and Paul McCartney have successfully worn in the new stadium with their very own personal blends of panache, it’s now time for the Dallas Cowboys to tear up the faux field Friday night with a preseason game against Tennessee. Their first regular season game at the new digs will be on September 20th against the Giants.

502429217_fc12717712I wish I could say that I enjoy football, let alone understand it, but I don’t. My tastes in sports are more baseball and hockey oriented. However, I do have some experience with the sport. I’ll have you know that my Cowboys experience is limited to five semi-pivotal events in my life:

5.)My mother bought a basset hound puppy and named him Moose, after Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston. Why? Because my dad said she couldn’t have a dog unless Johnston scored a touchdown. He, the dog, not Johnston, stunk to high heaven no matter how often you bathed him. Years later a neighbor poisoned him – again the dog. The porch still smelled like this dog for over a year after his death. My hubby says that Moose, the man not the dog, was a very nice, regualr patron of and a good tipper at the now defunct Plano Tavern.

4.)Randy White, Danny White and Roger Staubach came to my elementary school for a visit. I think this was also the same school that Walter Mondale visited for a talk with us kids. I had a massive crush on Danny White. It was my dream to marry him when I grew up. It was also my dream to be a paleontologist at this point in my life as well.

3.) My only Dallas Cowboy Game Ever Attended. It was the very first time Miami played Dallas in Dallas. No amount of Googling, well, five minutes of Googling, hasn’t helped me figure out what year that was. However, I remember I was little and every time I asked my dad for a hot dog or hot chocolate the Cowboys would Do Something Awesome while he was at the concession stand.

2.) The day I decided to become – GASP- a Redskins fan. I was around 6 or 7 years old. I had an early bedtime, as all small children should. Falling asleep while my folks, and sometimes their friends, were watching the Cowboys was, for me, not unlike falling asleep while scary clowns and over-sized, venomous spiders scream and threaten you with bodily harm. My parents, especially my mom, are extremely noisy football fans, “INTERCEPTION!! FUMBLE! PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR %^&,  DORSETT! ” That sort of thing. I noticed my parents were especially vocal and frightening when the Cowboys played the Redskins, so, with my childish logic, I decided the best way to get back at them was to become a Redskins fan.

1.) January 26, 1992 - The Redskins, after besting the Cowboys, go on to play Buffalo and win the Superbowl. In 1983 I was too young to gloat, in 1987 I didn’t want to get grounded, but in 1992 I was living on my own, two states away, and felt perfectly within my rights to rejoice for the aforementioned, frightened child,  to call my mother late at night to rub the Redskins win in her face. I am not ashamed and she still hasn’t forgiven me. Since that win however, I’m only really a Redskins fan when I know it will rile someone up, like my father-in-law’s Cowboy’s-crazed friend, K.C.

So I guess what I’m taking a really long time to say is, unless you want to become a sports writer for this blog, there won’t be a lot of in-depth reporting this football season, however, I highly recommend these good folks for all your Cowboy needs as they’re some of the best Cowboys bloggers out there:

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Stadium photo courtesy of K. Muncie

Gratuitous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader photo courtesy of pcxHB