Well, Stetson has certainly stepped things up a notch as of late. First there was their recently announced partnership with world-renowned milliner, Albertus Swanepoel which produced a slew of retro hat badassery that left me both drooling and covetous and now Stetson has collaborated with Garland’s own music maven Erin McCarleyhat tip to Wind-Up Records for letting me know and for signing Jeremy Fisher (yay!) – to present Erin’s new video for her new cover of Hank Williams’ ‘I Saw The Light’.

The video is pulling double duty, serving as both a vehicle to spread Erin’s music and as a look book of Stetson’s new Fall clothing line. I have to admit, I had to watch the video a few times because I was utterly gobsmacked by the sheer rock and roll awesomeness of Stetson’s new line. Believe you me, this is so not your grandpa’s Stetson, oh no not at all. We’re talking tight, low rider, black leather pants, people!

Steston is also running a contest where you can win some of the pieces Erin wears in the video. (It’s okay fellas, they have options for you, too, if you’re so inclined to enter the contest.

It’s easy to enter, just watch Erin’s new video and enter to win at Stetson here.

P.S. Like Erin’s take on a Hank Williams classic? Stetson will also let you download it for free!