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old97Want to see Old 97s FREE this Saturday?

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to droll over Rhett Miller after a Saturday morning of drinking and partying on Greenville Ave in celebration of St. Patrick’s day? You know you want to!

Just remember, while you’re out on Greenville Ave for the parade next weekend, watch out for the always camera wielding, curmudgeonly Avi Adleman. ‘Cause if you get caught on tape being a drunken fool, relieving yourself in the bushes or otherwise, that man will be putting it up on the intertubes fer sure!

Just answer three trivia questions:

1.) Who was Betty Jane Stewart and how does she figure prominently in the work and lives of Old 97’s?

2.) What 1971 T-Rex song did Old 97’s directly steal lift a line from?

3.) Name three of the fake band names Old 97’s have performed under for secret shows?

First person who gives me the correct answers in the comments section below will win two tickets to see Old 97’s at 1 PM on Saturday March 14th in Dallas.