It’s no secret that from time to time we dip our toes into all things comics ’round these parts. Funny thing is, I never thought I’d find myself sucked into the world of all things drawn, but when you marry someone who damn near has an addiction, you wake one day to discover that you, too, have been sucked in.

My husband knew I’d never be compelled enough to read anything less than a half inch thick – smart man – so my gateway drugs were all graphic novels: David Boring, by Daniel Clowes, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, and Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware. Now, thanks to Richard at Zeus Comics in Dallas, I’ve become consumed with a variety of authors and illustrators. And I have to take a moment to shout out to my pal and local David Hopkins –( WE LOVE YOU DAVID) – creator and mastermind behind We’ve Never Met, Astronaut Dad, Antigone, Emily Edison and Karma Incorporated.

As for webcomics, I have two that I visit daily: Scott Kurtzwho I interviewed last year – and his Player vs. Player webcomic and Jeph JacquesQuestionable Content.

Now word comes this morning, thanks to Jeph Jacques, that both he  will be in Austin this weekend for Webcomics Rampage at the Dragon’s Lair. The two meet and greets start at noon Dec 11-12th and will also feature webcomic author Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots – a favorite of Kurtz’s – and others.

Deets below:

Most, okay, some, of you know that my hubster and Best of Texas’ Geek Speak expert, Joshua, joined the Air Force. He completed Basic Military Training a couple of weeks ago at Lackland Air Force Base and then was immediately shipped to San Antonio Internation Airport at Oh-Three Hundred Hours. There he sat for a while, looking dapper in his ABUs, with American Idol Chris Allen and Allen’s band before beling flung through the air, courtesy of United Air and your tax dollars, towards San Francisco for training at the Defense Language Institute. After making the bus ride from San Francisco to Monterey – including a stop at In-n-Out Burger for his very first burger, Animal Style, natch- he’s finally settled in his dorm.

One of the things Josh misses most, after me of course, is his ongoing love affair with Zeus Comics on Lemmon in Dallas. So when the backpack Josh asked me to order for him arrived in the mail yesterday, I knew I couldn’t just send it to my Airman empty. This called for comic books…

I called Richard, owner of Zeus, yesterday and explained that since Josh has been unable to buy comics since March, could he pretty please put together everything to date Josh has missed out on since he’s been in the arms of the Air Force… Richard gladly obliged me and put together a package of comic book and graphic novel goodness that would make my Josh squee with appreciation and ‘My Wife is Awesome-ness’.

While talking with Richard I learned that he has quite the collection of other servicemen that are customers of Zeus Comics, which I totally give him mad props for. And, for the record, if your guy or gal is into to comics and you are afflicted with the opposite disorder – like I am – , not only will Richard and his staff totally make you look like a badass to your loved one, he’ll even bring you over to the dark side. Case in point: Since meeting Richard for the first time last year, he’s hooked me on the likes of Alan Moore, Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes.

Richard, thanks for being there for me and, more importantly, thanks for being there for our troops, including mine…


Amanda likes to point out that I dropped the ball by not writing about the All-Con event last week. Well to keep that from happening again this week, I’m doing a preemptive strike with things I heard going on this weekend that any fellow comic nerd would enjoy.

This Friday the DMA’s Late Night Art Bytes will focus on comic books and Technology. There will be several tech savvy comic creators there to share their work and have a little Q & A…Those scheduled to attend are: David Hopkins, Kristian Donaldson, Jake Ekiss, Matthew Warlick, and Vinh-Luan Luu

Dallas Museum of Art – Tech Lab, Center for Creative Connections
1717 N. Harwood St. Dallas, TX 75201
9:30 – 10:30 p.m
$10 General Admission (parking not included)

On Saturday, Heroes4Heroes and ArtLoveMagic will host a night of live art and music at Poor David’s Pub. Artists will have original art and prints for sale at the show. Featured artists will be Mitch Breitweiser (Captain America, Hulk, Fantastic Four) and Eric ‘Ebas’ Basaldua (Witchblade/Devi, Darkness, Tomb Raider).

Heroes4Heroes Live Art Show
Poor David’s Pub
1313 South Lamar St., Dallas, Texas 75215
7:00pm – 11:00pm
$5 at the door (parking not included)

All money earned will benefit Heroes4Heroes, a non-profit organization that provides comics, DVDs, and other portable media to U.S. soldiers stationed around the world.

And on top of all that Zeus Comics is offering up 35% off all toys, statues, back-issues, and graphic novels through Tuesday March 24th.

So have at it!

P.S. Thanks to David Hopkins for making me aware of said goings ons.

Have you ever imagined a wondrous place where you could ask Chewbacca any question under the sun, witness a Ms. Star Wars contest, learn about the history of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and how to customize them, participate in classes like Wigs and You, Costuming with Corsets and how to make your own Anime Music Video, while also experiencing a hands-on robot petting zoo, watching burlesque girls wiggle, tackling medieval fighting, hanging out with Sqwatty McManley the Talking Pinata, and doing a little cosplay – all under one roof?


skywalkerStarting today and running through Sunday, All-Con is the place to be if you’re anywhere remotely near North Texas. Now, I asked Joshua to write about this, given his love for all things Superman, Batman, and Star Wars. I knew he would be kinder, gentler and far more understanding than I am of these things. Sadly, he refused. So you’re stuck with me.

How ‘bout I just stick to some factual highlights:

There will be a droid hunt. Avoid the Imperial Army at all costs if you or a loved one is a droid.

There will be a Cosplay Saturday. If you or a loved one enjoys dressing up as say, some sort of video game character of Japanese origin, please be advised that “stage fighting will be limited to half speed-quarter strength, and one foot must remain on the floor at all times, your weapons will be peace-bonded and any brandishing will be dealt with, and finally, no substances that can be harmful to you, the staff, or the audience will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: silly string, water (wha?), flames, explosives, and paint.”

There will be a Super Hero Sunday. If you or someone you love is a Super Hero, this would be an ideal event to network with others, like you, who must live with the burden of the world’s fate and woes upon their shoulders.

There will be an Anime-Maid contest. If you or a loved one gets turned on from looking at or dressing up as subservient, giggly, little girlish, knee-socked Anime Maids, by all means attend. If you miss out, I’m sure you can find someone on Craig’s List to fulfill this fantasy for you.

Sadly, there seems to be no Plushie or fursuit events. Actually, I’m not sad about that at all.

For the full schedule of events, please go here