In our second edition of Rockin’ The Lens, David Heidle hit The Granada Theater in Dallas this past Saturday night for a show that certainly tore it up. Denton’s Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward made great use of their time as opening act for one of their musical heroes, while Slobberbone came out and made sure everyone knew why it is people have been so excited about their return. Don’t take my word for it. Let Dave’s pics do the talking!















Rodney Parker & 50 Peso reward impressed with tunes from the last two offerings, including alst year's EP, the Apology, Part I.

One of the truly great, meaningful contributions of Denton to the national music scene has been slowly making its way back onto that very scene over the past year or so. The mighty SLOBBERBONE!

OK, maybe the title of this post is a bit misleading. I am not going to give you an unabridged history into the origins of the band and what has led to this glorious point of revitalization, but I am going to make sure you all have what you need to grasp this band’s power and to also understand that we, in North Texas, aren’t alone in regarding this band as an absolute, shredding treasure.

For those of you who arent aware, the band was formed in 1994 by lead man Brent Best, along with Jess Barr, Brian Lane and Tony Harper.  Over the course of 4 immaculately gritty and whiskey-soaked full-length albums, this foursome became well-regarded, even if not best-selling, in many parts of the country. Even Steven King, the blockbuster author, calls Slobberbone’s “Gimme Back My Dog”, from their 2000 album Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today, one of the three greatest rock songs of all-freaking-time.

After the release of their fine album Slippage, in 2002, and afteran appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, the guys decided to hang it up when Brian Lane, the amazonian bass player, decided it was time to move to Florida. After a few years playing with an altered line-up as a more pop-leaning band, The Drams, and many prayers from country-rock lovers all over, Slobberbone began playing shows again when Lane moved back to the North Texas region in 2009. With rumors of a new album in the works and Best putting the finishing touches on a solo album, I thought it was time to share a few links with you fine folks that will help you understand why it is that Slobberbone is so damn mighty.

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