In late March of this year, Best of Texas threw a charity event, (you all helped us raised a ton of cash and a carload of donations for The Bridge, btw) with the help of their friends at Jack’s Backyard and local Dallas band, Eastwood. Little did I know I’d been nominated for TLC’s hit show, ‘What Not to Wear’ by my husband, Joshua. So it was at the event that Stacy and Clinton pounced. 

When I returned from my trip to New York, I wanted to find a way help give others a taste of the experience, because being on the show gave me far more than just a new wardrobe. Stacy and Clinton genuinely helped me find my confidence again. (Think ten years of cognitive behavioral therapy in a matter of days.) I knew we’d promised everyone a watching party, so it just made sense that we turn the party into a charity raffle that would benefit Attitudes & Attire. Read more