For those of you feeling the need…the need for MEAD…your wait is near over.

The good folks that bring you the boobage, kissing wenches, jousting and any excuse to carry a broad sword, the Texas Renaissance Festival, will be kicking off their merriment and more come 9th October 2010.

This year will also boast some themed weekend events, games and rides, and enough music and fun times and food and spirits to blow even the most demure of Scotsman’s skirts up.

As in every other year, the enchanted 53-acre New Market Village will come to life as all European Courts come to pay homage to Queen Katherine.

Each of the eight weekends has a unique, wonderful theme with the different courts vying for the Queen’s favor by bestowing lavish amusements and gifts upon her.  Hundreds of costumed performers will lead you into continuous laughter on 22 stages, holding over 200 performances daily.

So prepare to meander along shaded cobblestone walkways and visit over 400 shoppes overflowing with unique arts and crafts or offering delicious foods and beverages and don’t forget to revel in the sights, sounds and smells of the authentically recreated 16th Century British village with lush landscaped grounds covered with beautiful gardens and vines while entranced by the masked spirit of the bells and the haunting music coming from the Cloister Stage, home of Cast in Bronze.

And, truth be told, your perfect day will end as you behold the burst of Royal Fireworks held at dusk above the festival’s lake.

Texas Renaissance Festival
Saturdays and Sundays
October 9th thru November 28th