Hey ladies that asked about my shoes and such, I was browsing online today, on my lunch break of course, and saw that two pair of the shoes I bought on ‘What Not to Wear’ were on mega sale at Piperlime.

shoe1These really awesome snakeskin Boutique 9′s – which are super comfy and far prettier in person than in this pic – are now just $59 bucks!


shoe2And these colorblocked peep-toe pumps by Biviel Couture in grey, turquoise and brown are now just $79 bucks!



I still have yet to find one single place that is offering the red shoes that everyone went bat crazy for, but in a pinch, if you want something with a updated, vintage-y feel, I like these shoes from ModCloth.com – Anthropologie has the ones on the far right for $9 more than ModCloth.com:

If money is no object might I suggest these shoes from Anthropologie, which just so happen to make me swoon:


ZOMG!!1!! Have you seen THE UNICORN SHOE! by Jeffrey Cambell from Lulu?

Sadly the awesome dress and belt I’m still pining for from Searle still haven’t become more affordable, but I lust after them every day – every, single day. However, they did just launch a blog…And they have one of the purple dresses (they have other colors) I purchased on the show on sale now, too! It’s a good, timeless piece that would look fantastic on anyone!


5 Responses to “What Not to Wear: Some of my Shoes are on Sale at Piperlime!”
  1. Maggie says:

    Love the shopping PSA! I’ve been traveling but wanted to comment on that superb Tom Delay piece you did last week… will circle back to that one :-) . Those Boutique 9s are fantastic!

  2. Jenni says:

    I just watched your episode and loved it…Amanda you are sweet and sassy! I of course covet the red shoes and FOUND THEM!! Some are available on Smart Bargains they are Maxstudio Ultimo. Thought your fans would like to know.

  3. Amanda W. says:

    YAY! I’m so glad you found them. It amazes me every time I wear them, Jeni, people will literally stop me on the street to ask about them. I should have purchased them in navy, too…Thanks so much for taking the time to find me here, it means more to me than you’ll ever know.

  4. Emily says:

    ZOMG!! I just watched your episode, and I totally teared up. You are so beautiful and adorable, and you seem like the coolest person, too. If I lived in Dallas, I would totally want to be your friend! Congrats on the show, and keep rockin’ it, girl!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I saw your show recently being reran on TLC you are such a sweetie pie! I’m in love with your teal shoes (Biviel Couture)! So much that I found this website by searching for them online. I clicked the link but, looks like PiperLime no longer carries them. BTW I love commas too. =} LoL

    Amanda, thank you for going on WNTW and sharing your story about reclaiming your strength. You are very inspiring!

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