From Ecksteins Collection

From Eckstein's Collection

Last year my pal and New Yorker cartoonist – though it’s been a while since we last chatted – Bob Eckstein published a wonderful book, History of the Snowman. Amazon, in fact named it the best book of the season last year! The book is a beautiful, whimsical, oft hysterical walk through the history of the world’s most revered, crystalline water ice man and Bob was able to trace the snowman’s roots almost back to the ice age.

Visit Bob’s Today’s Snowman for laughs, including his snowman personal ads, and for details on how Bob will send you a nifty poster if you order five books. Don’t wanna order five books? Just visit your local Border’s or Barnes and Noble today.

The book is filled with Bob’s collection of snowman paraphernalia, postcards, illustrations and photographs. Take a sneak peek here:


One Response to “Last Minute Gift Idea: Bob Eckstein’s History of the Snowman”
  1. Great book, There is just something about a snowman , winter and the holidays that seem to make me smile more than anything else.

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