My darling father-in-law sent me a rather interesting email this morning. The subject line reading: JC Penney yesterday 09/02. Though the body copy was completely blank, I saw that there was an attached photo. So I opened it. And my jaw dropped. My response was of the, “what the (expletive)’ variety. Wanna see what was attached to the email? Sure you do.



Though I’m not sure which store, he hasn’t returned my baffled reply email, I can honestly say that this doesn’t surprise me if this is indeed NOT a hoax.  It has now been confirmed that this is the JC Penney at Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville.

 In fact, I noticed last month that both CVS and Walgreens were already selling  Halloween and Thanksgiving goodies. Is it just me, or have the retail powers that be gone completely off their rockers? When I was a girl, I remember all the excitement of going to the mall the day after Thanksgiving to see all the Christmas decorations, now I don’t have to even wait until Labor Day.



14 Responses to “Did I miss Thanksgiving or has JC Penney Gone Nutso?”
  1. Maryanne says:

    Hobby Lobby has had their Christmas stuff up for about 3 weeks. Sad that it is earlier and earlier.

  2. Amanda W. says:

    I can kind of understand places like Hobby Lobby since they’re for crafting enthusiasts…but yeah, I’m with you…

  3. Seems like everyone is starting early with holiday shopping, we have already sent out catalogs for our clients holiday premiums & gifts and are continuing to receive orders for food gifts & employee gifts. I’d say logo Laptop Cases, Watches, Apparel, Food Gifts, Tech Docking Stations, Computer type gifts have been tops so far!

  4. Amanda W. says:

    Hey guys…my FIL just sent me another JCP update:

    “Cathy said – “we should turn a bunch of LIVE TURKEYS loose in their marketing office,
    with each turkey wearing a REMEMBER THE PILGRIMS T-shirt.”"

  5. donw says:

    Full disclosure – My coworker Jim took the pic at Vista Ridge Mall. (Lewisville)

  6. Amanda W. says:

    WKRP for the win!

  7. donw says:

    As Ralphie from ‘A Christmas Story’ might say – oooohh, a target rich environment…..

  8. Amanda W. says:


    you’ll shoot your eye out.

  9. i’m sorry….the wkrp reference wins it for me! that has got to be the funniest thing i’ve seen on tv in my 30+++ years. i actually laughed loud enough at just the mention of that episode to make my co-workers turn and look at me like i’d lost my mind.

  10. Sharon L says:

    I did the same thing BN. Thanks Amanda, you rock!

  11. Sue Densmore says:

    OK – LOVE the WKRP reference. That laugh was the best one I have had all day!

    but I am so appalled at the early Christmas decorations. Please tell me you found out that was a hoax…

  12. Amanda W. says:

    Twas NOT a hoax! This is at Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville!!

  13. Joshua W says:

    People still go to Vista Ridge? I bet they just kept it up from last year…

  14. dm says:

    JUST FYI, i was told that they set this store to take pictures, and to send out and instruct the rest of the stores on how to properly set. i was informed that this is the only jcpenney to set this early…it seems like it gets earlier every year….or mabe its just the same and we got older and more forgetful.

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