This might sound crazy, but beer and food go together. Even if it’s not-so-great beer with so-so food, really. This magical pairing gets taken to another splendid level when you factor in really great beers with food that is crafted to compliment the chosen brews and vice versa.

It’s no secret that craft-brews are the new wine in the culinary world and we’re completely cool with that, even though we know, just as you do, that a nice, well-placed box of Franzia is exactly what the doctor ordered, from time to time.

For those of you living in the San Antonio area, please take note of a special event coming to your local Flying Saucer soon.

On Sunday, July 31 The Flying Saucer over on 11255 Huebner Rd will host a Deschutes Brewery Beer Dinner. Sounds pretty sweel, does it not?

According to the information that we were sent, folks attending teh event will “sample a variety of great beers, paired with an exceptional menu of food selections. Guests will choose from the following pairings: Twilight Summer Ale with grilled salmon and goat cheese salad with peach basil vinaigrette; Mirror Pond Pale Ale with cheese and pears; Inversion IPA with shrimp and poblano quesadilla with mango habanero salsa; Hop in the Dark with Flemish beef stew and French bread; and Black Butte Porter with a black butter tempura fried banana split.”

Like I said: Sounds pretty swell.

Want details? Well, admission is $35 for UFO members (Flying Saucer’s frequent drinker program)and $40 for nonmembers. Early purchases are highly recommended as only 30 tickets will be available for the event. Call 210-696-5080 for reservations and information.

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