wntwaMarch 25th, 2009 will always be a day that will live in infamy for me. That was the day that What Not to Wear’s Stacy and Clinton, along with 2,376 of their closest camera crew and producers, crashed the Best of Texas charity event to surprise me with a makeover. Well folks, my bags are packed, I’m heading to New York on Sunday and you won’t see me again until Friday, April 24th, but you’ll be hearing from me.

To be honest, I’m freaking out. I’ve cried some. I’m scared, too. Not scared of the fashion intervention per say, gawd knows I need it, just scared that I’m actually going to be forced to confront the fact I literally stopped caring about myself and my appearance and confront those reasons on national television. Such is life. For now, I’ve got to put on my big girl panties, toughen my thin skin, and embrace the fact that I have $5k to spend on myself. The hardest part will be believing that I’m worth it.

So, while I’m away being verbally abused by Stacy and Clinton for my wardrobe choices, confronting the 360 degree mirror, scouring New York’s finest shopping establishments, fighting with Carmindy over wearing foundation, and doing my best to rationalize and excuse with Nick every gray hair I’ve grown to love on my little head  – all for your television entertainment come June – I’ll still be typing away at Ye Olde Squawker blog, so be sure to come by and say hello.


5 Responses to “So, I’m Leaving on Sunday for What Not To Wear …”
  1. Sharon L says:

    Ooooh, I can’t wait. You’re the Best Amanda and I look forward to seeing you uber analyzed on What Not to Wear.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m so excited for you, Amanda! I know it’s scary right now, but it will be awesome. And they’ll let you keep parts of your funky style, don’t worry. Can’t wait to see you when you get back!

  3. ash says:

    Little miss Amanda, you are SO worth it! I’m excited for you!!! I can’t wait to see you this Friday!!!!! (suck it up buttercup)

  4. you know we all love you, warts and all as my family used to say. there is nothing that could be revealed that would change my already high opinion of you one iota. be sure and buy a bra for me! :)

  5. Amanda W. says:

    Brian, today I go meet The Bra Lady!

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