Gawker is reporting that Amarillo denizen and Koran hero, Jacob Isom, who you may know as the internet sensation who grabbed and saved Repent Amarillo‘s David Grisham’s copy of the Quran before it burned, is going to get his greatest wish in life: To be featured in High Times:

After yesterday’s report that rattail-coiffed Koran savior Jacob Isom‘sdream was to be featuredin High Times, the doobie denizens agreed to feature our rattail-coiffed hero in the pages of their vaunted magazine.

On its website, High Times thanks Jacob for his “bravery in the face of intolerance” and promises him a place in an upcoming issue. By phone, Jacob told me that he talked to a representative from the magazine today who said they’ll be overnighting him a package of High Times merchandise. He will then take pictures, and High Times will post them on their website. A comic-book-style summation of his harrowing defeat of Amarillo, Texas’ wannabe Koran burners may also be in the works.

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