Ever wanted to make a donation to a good cause? “But all I have is this pocket cheese, some Visine and these broken guitar strings,” you might say. Well, there’s a little someone out there that will at least gladly take your old, used strings. Eye On The Sparrow Designs, created by Abbie Chesney, a member of the Dallas music community, was begun just months ago to help raise money for The Carter Albrecht Music Foundation and would really appreciate a little help from the Texas music community.

il_430xn_90238459Shortly after the tragic death of Carter Albrecht from the Dallas-based Sorta two years ago, Chesney,  friend to Carter, began to think of a suitable way to remember him. “I began to compile an idea to bring the music community together by collecting used bass and guitar strings from local musicians and turning them into bracelets and now earrings, in addition,” says Chesney of her design concept.

The idea for Eye On The Sparrow Designs came from two things. One, from a horse she acquired after Carter’s death that she named Sparrow; from an inside joke between both herself and Carter. The other came from one of four sparrow tattoo designs that Carter’s girlfriend had drawn; Chesney having one, as well as Dallas’ own Danny Balis having another that can actually be seen on the cover of his recent solo release “Too Much Living”. These sparrows became somewhat of a symbol of Carter after his death, and each piece of jewelry has a stamp of a sparrow on the tags.

Many great, local artists have already given contribution to this great cause including the likes of: John Dufilho of Deathray Davies, James Driscoll, Ryan Becker of RTB2, Chad DeAtley of Dove Hunter, Madison King, Sean Conway of Hello Lover, Keith Killorean of the King Bucks and The Drams and Will Woolsey of Airline.

“Danny [Balis] swears his are on the way any day now,” says Chesney. “It’s all for a great cause with twenty-five percent of all jewelry sales going to The Carter Albrecht Music Foundation.”

Even though Eye On The Sparrow Designs has only been around for a couple of months, there have already been hundreds of dollars raised for the foundation and can only rise with a simple donation by you readers. I recommend that you all check it out for yourself on her Etsy site

“I can’t do this without musician donations,” says Chesney. “I’m constantly searching for donations to have enough product to sell.”

To donate your strings, please reach out to Chesney at at eyeonthesparrowdesigns@gmail.com

This guest blog was courtesy of Subservient Experiment‘s Cory Coleman, an all around good person.

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