It’s now been a couple of months since the horrendous happenings that basically tore apart Joplin, MO occurred. The video footage of the tornadoes ripping through the small town still makes most of us wince and should still make us all feel a little helpless inside.

Even as far south as Plano, TX, though, people refuse to forget and refuse to let the helplessness feelings take over. A great group of artists will be taking the stage in an effort to raise money for The Joplin Recovery Fund.

On Sunday, July 31, a fine and talented group of Singer/Songwriters, primarily based in north Texas will take one of our favorite stages anywhere, Love & War in Texas (Plano), and play their hearts out to get some money and supplies to those who so desperately need it right now.

Zane Williams, Saille Branch, Guthrie Kennard, Andrew Delaney and Michael Prysock are among many performers that will be hosted by Brett Dillon of KHYI 95.3 The Range on the 30th from 12pm to 6pm.

We found out about this event when we came upon this touching video tribute to the town of Joplin by Michael Prysock, a talented, Dallas-based songwriter who grew up in Arkansas, not too far from the region he’s trying to help now. Here’s that video for Prysock’s “Joplin.”


3 Responses to “Texas Artists Are Helping Joplin, MO.”
  1. Ruth Rogers says:

    Brett Dillion did not host the Joplin Recovery Fund benefit. All the artisits gave their time to help raise money for Joplin. Brett didn’t want to donate this time and the event had no money to pay him, so he didn’t show up. Michael Prysock stepped in to host the show and sing his Joplin song. About $500 was raised.

  2. Kelly Dearmore says:

    OK, Ruth. Of course, I was going on what info was available to me when I posted the article. Dillon’s name was listed on the event’s poster as the host, so I went with that. I know Brett and that doesnt sound like him. I’d be interested to hear his take on your thoughts.

  3. Sarah says:

    The most important thing is it was a great event and $1,000 was raised for the great people of Joplin. Everyone’s efforts are very appreciated! Thank you to Mr. Prysock and all who participated!

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