With the rise of the internet, cheap personal computers and and home music programming software, and now millions of music blogs, it’s become easier for bedroom DJ’s and music producers to get their music out to the masses. But, that doesn’t mean that just anyone could garner attention for the music and mixes they were putting out there… you actually had to have some skills at what you were doing.

For Grand Prairie’s Vincent Silva, this year has seen his ascent as a remix and mash-up producer under the moniker LehtMoJoe. His production style spans several different genres mixing in rock, electro, hip-hop and electronica into a fluid style that gets your head bobbin’ and your feet movin’.lehtmojoe

He recently released his debut solo album Spaghetti Western with a free party at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Prior to his album release, Leht released a remixed song every week until his album dropped. He remixed everyone from Au Revoir Simone to Peter, Bjorn and John to The Hives and Major Lazer. When producer Mark Ronson heard Leht’s remix of Major Lazer’s “Hold A Line,” he was impressed enough with the track to include it on his Authentic Sh*t radio show. However, it’s not only Ronson who is taking notice of Leht’s work, his remix of Royksopp’s single “This Must Be It” will be featured on the vinyl release of the bands single.

To get a taste of LehtMoJoe you can go to just about any music blog aggregator and enter his name into the search box and you are sure to find a song by him. I personally recommend his remixes of Au Revoir Simone’s “Another Likely Story” and Peter, Bjorn and John’s “Nothing To Worry About.” Each song showcases Leht’s ability to cross into any genre and are likely to get stuck in your head and roll around for a while.

For a guy who was pretty much unknown at the beginning of the year, he’s becoming quite the man about the interweb.

Lance Lester is a freelance writer, graphic designer, and opinionated music lover. To read more about what Lance is listening to, visit him on his personal music blog, Bona Fide Darling.

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