We’ve spent a good bit of time away from Texas country recently in this column, so, we thought it was time to go back draw from the well that we seem to hate as much as we love (more love than hate, though). Now, as anyone who has read this column for any length of time knows, we’re not about discussing just any old so-called “red dirt” hot name that just recently decided to make a name for himself in Texas, hoping to be the next Randy Rogers.

Given that, it was great to hear a new song from Lubbock’s Brandon Adams. He and his band, the Sad Bastards have been at it for a while now, and have made a point to try and draw crowds from outlying states, as well as the typically trodden paths of the Texas college towns that seem to make anyone with a guitar and ballcap feel like Pat Green.

The band’s self-titled record was just released and while they’re not exactly redefining the very way anyone will listen to country music from our state, they dont have to. “Radiate” features some electric guitar, effortlessly weaving with a bit of fiddle that will warmly remind astute listeners of Millican-era Reckless Kelly. There’s an edge to the overall sound that will thankfully keep them from getting confused with the hair gel-kings of the Eli Young Band, but that shouldn’t keep them from becoming solid draws on the Texas country scene for the time being.

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