Full disclosure: I really like Bad Design. Coming out of Denton, JP Hossley and crew have taken their aggressive post-punk into an even more sonically challenging, yet pleasing, direction with the addition of new guitarist of John Gillespie. Such a shift isn’t much of a surprise, given the dynamic loudness that Gillespie’s former band, the now defunct math-rock group Dear, Human proffered to a wonderful degree. 

As great as Bad Design’s Self-Titled album is, it’s hard not to see the progress that’s taken place inside the confines of their Diamonds EP.

I caught a set of their at the Bryan Street Tavern a few months ago, and was really blown away by the power of their performance, and how well Hossley’s menacing howl translated in the live setting. I left feeling as though these guys have the whole “accessible experimental” thing down as cold as a guitar-based rock band can have it (maybe there isn’t such a thing, but if there is, they got it.).

Their Bandcamp page offers both of their albums for cheap and they’re both worth well more than the price you’ll pay. Also, keep an eye out for the gig-posters they design. Along with the musical talent, their graphic talents are excellent as well.


One Response to “Bad Design Sounds Real Good.”
  1. Bad Design says:

    Thanks Kelly! Thanks for all the kind words! In addition, Bad Design also has a new-ish album coming out soon. It will have a hand full of new songs, but will also include a few awesome old songs that have been reworked with the addition of John Gillespie. We recorded this new album with Michael Briggs of Gutterth in Denton, Texas at the Casa de Baish. Michael has really helped us develop this sound that we are looking for on this album, and we are are almost done with the final touches. On top of that he is a great engineer and loves what he does. It has been a real pleasure to work with him. We will let you know more about the CD release ASAP. Thanks again!

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