It’s been a few weeks, but what a set of pics to come roaring back with. The seminal alt-country band The Jayhawks have got the original line-up back together and are touring behind a really solid new album, Mockingbird Time. Sadly, I couldn’t personally make it to their November 16th show at the Granada Theater in Dallas, but thankfully, our intrepid rock photog, David Heidle could and did. Enjoy the shots… 













Man, oh, man! What a show. Unfortunately, I’ve only had to hear about what a great night of music last week’s Drive By Truckers / Centro-matic show was, as I was out of town. Thankfully, our man-on-the-scene David Heidle was not only in-town, but all over the Granada Theater in Dallas.

Opening the show was Texas favorites Centro-matic, who have been friends with DBT for years. That friendship showed, as Centro leader (and wonderfully wooley-bearded) Will Johnson played guitar for the Truckers during their set, due to lead Trucker Patterson hood’s playing hand being stitched up after a nasty cut.

You don’t have to just assume that this was a show worth catching, Noah from the Dallas Observer thought it was pretty special, too. Heidle was able to make his way through the sold-out crowd to snap up some mighty fine pics.








Our intrepid photog-in-the-city, David Hedile, recently attended the James McMurtry “Barefoot at the Belmont” concert in Dallas at the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff. The show was opened by Dallasite Greg Schroeder and I think you’ll see that there are few better backdrops to be had at a concert.


Well, David Heidle is quite the man about town, so we were thrilled when he sent us pics from a recent tour of the Franconia Brewery tour. Again, David will have some musical shots for us soon enough, but these were too good not to share. Franconia Brewing Company, based in McKinney, has become a popular label here in North Texas, and will soon be bottling their offerings to help spread the word out, far and wide.








For this edition of Rockin’ the Lens, we not only roam out of the musical realm, but outside of the geographical realm of Dave Heidle’s usual Lone Star backdrop. Our fearless camera-guru trekked to Taos, NM to celebrate the Solstice recently. So, for the sake of this post, let’s just say that one of our state’s (see, Best of Texas, right?) brightest, young photographers has some thing he wants to share with his fellow Texans. There, you have plenty of Tex-centric connections now…




In our second edition of Rockin’ The Lens, David Heidle hit The Granada Theater in Dallas this past Saturday night for a show that certainly tore it up. Denton’s Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward made great use of their time as opening act for one of their musical heroes, while Slobberbone came out and made sure everyone knew why it is people have been so excited about their return. Don’t take my word for it. Let Dave’s pics do the talking!















Rodney Parker & 50 Peso reward impressed with tunes from the last two offerings, including alst year's EP, the Apology, Part I.

Here at the Best of Texas Blog, we like to to take in the occasional show – that’s no secret. We like to talk about many of the shows we take in also. Again: That’s no closely guarded secret. What we haven’t done much of here, but have always knws that we needed to was to better document these shows not just in words and crappy iPhone pics, but in real, live, professional shots by a bright, up and coming photographer. Welcome to a new feature here: Rockin’ the Lens

So, with that please help us in welcoming Dallas photographer David Heidle. Dave’s been a player in several areas around Dallas for years, actually. Some of you may know him from his musical work with the bands Eastwood and/or Traffico. While he is a deft lensmen in many areas, we think his experience writing and performing music makes him an ideal fellow to bring us shots from some of the state’s best shows. David picked a good one to start with, too. Last week, he stopped by Renfield’s Corner for the El Cento CD release show. Don Cento, who has been a go-to musician for many a north Texas-based artist for years now, along with being an integral member of noted bands such as Sibboleth just released a fine, eclectic album that seems to scratch whatever musical itch you may experience at a given moment. A recent Dallas Observer review of El Cento’s self-titled album detailed the Cars and Talking heads influences, and yes, they are there, but this isnt a retro album that merely rehashes the past, but is very vital and deserves to be heard now.

Below is a pictoral show review, if you will. Keep your eyes fixed on this site for more rock photography from David Heidle. You will not be sorry.