I feel good. I’m not bragging. It’s just a fact. I am happy about it. I realize I am lucky. There are people right now that are not feeling so great. I feel bad about that. I am empathetic. I hope their situation changes. I have a friend whose back is all jacked-up and has been for months and the only thing she does is complain and I’m fairly certain that does little to provide relief. I suggested that she investigate the merits of yoga and she suggested that I investigate the endless possibilities of placing anything that comes out of my mouth into a place that never sees the sun. Fair enough.

I have stopped saying that I feel good for my age. I don’t know what someone my age should feel like. I think losing most of my hair in my 20′s prepared me for what was going to happen the older I got. So now when I run into someone I havent seen for years they remark that Ihavent changed one bit. Of course, they may be referring to the fact that I’m still a bit of a jerk and dress like an unemployed skateboard salesman. But I choose to believe they are talking about my looks. And my not too fat gut.

The only medication I take is wine. I take a few supplements: Omega 3, B-12, vitamin D. I’m not sure if they work but they sure taste great when they’re knocked back with a glass or two of red. I try as hard as I can to monitor what I put in my body. If I’m putting food that is colorful into my mouth, I believe I’m on the right track. Of course, M&M’s are rainbow colored. And Twizzlers. Not sure where they fit on the anti-oxidant pyramid of goodness. But come one, foodies, doesn’t it all even out if I alternate between popping bite-sized Snickers in my cake-hole with crunchy carrot sticks? Isn’t the way to live adhering to the phrase “everything in moderation?” It’s the same reasoning behind the flu shot, right? You give yourself the flu to protect yourself from the flu. So, the best way to make your body immune to fat is to make sure it’s supplied with the same deliciousness daily. Hey, I’m certain that I’m no doctor. But I know what I like. And I like to feel good.


Dave Little is a Dallas-based stand-up comedian, writer, musician and actor. He’s funny for Best of Texas twice a month, but he’s funny all the time on his website www.lovedavelittle.com.


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  1. Father Luke says:

    More from Dave! That was great.

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