A couple of years ago I, more or less accidentally, stumbled into volunteering for the Miracle League of Frisco. For the following several weeks, I had more meaningful Saturday mornings than I had ever had to that point in my life. I haven’t been able to devote the time needed to be a valuable contributor in the two years since, but I know that a time will come, sooner than later hopefully, where I’ll excitedly rejoin the ranks of the “Bowling Buddies” in Frisco on Saturday mornings.

If you’re scratching your head wondering what I’m talking about, let me give you a bit more explanation. In many spots throughout the state, there are private donation funded Miracle Leagues. Operating under the motto of “Because Every Child Deserves to Play,” the charity, which began in 2005, gives special needs children of many types not only a chance to participate in Soccer, Bowling and Baseball, but also the chance to grow their own self-esteem and also relationships with other kids and families who share their special sets of circumstances.

This past Thursday, at the North Texas Turkey Trot in Frisco, it was the local Miracle League that benefited financially from many of the proceeds raised by the event. While financial donations are always welcome In a scenario such as this one, the need for teens and adults who are compassionate and want to share the love of sports and community with every child are also needed.

So, before you get busy doing something else, do what I hope to do again very soon. Check out the League’s site and see where ou may fit in and lend a friendly hand to some kids and families that will be more grateful,than you can possibly imagine.

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