Gobbler football, a chupacabra, art galleries, Bahnhof Cafe fried pickles, 19th century buildings and unique people did the trick to crown Cuero, Texas as one of the coolest cities in America, and the only one inTexas by Budget Travel Magazine.

Budget Travel created an online contest where twenty-one cities were highlighted and patrons could vote for the coolest.  The public voting began after the magazine received 147 nominations for coolness.  The magazine staff themselves also weighed in and just this month announced that Cuero was chosen as one of the ten cities throughout the United States to be honored as “cool.”

Towns with a population of under 10,000 were eligible, but cool didn’t mean quaint.  Budget Travel was looking for towns with an edge; places that were beginning to draw attention- and new residents- because the quality of life and restaurant scene, or proximity to nature.  They wanted cities with an edge- defined as avant-garde galleries, not country stores.

Reasons why Cuero is synonymous with cool?

Cuero is a place where you can find an excellent cappuccino from the local coffee spot, take a gourmet cooking class from a talented chef, browse through an art gallery filled with regional talent, buy a bottle of Texas wine, drive on streets designed to go around century old live oak trees and a filled with character and people who all have a story to share.


2 Responses to “Texas Town Wins America’s Coolest Small Towns Award”
  1. DOD says:

    Don’t forget Turkey Fest coming up next month featuring, among other things, The Great Gobbler Gallop and Ruby Begonia.

  2. Texan says:

    It makes sense that some one not from Texas would vote cuero a “cool” town because you can get a cappacino and wander around an art gallery. To experience Texas you need to see what makes Texas Texas, an though we have some great art and coffee, those ain’t it. Go see San Antonio, gruene, fresricksburg, lukenbach.. All towns with much history and a taste of Texas you cant get anywhere else. Please for the sake of texans, don’t come all the way down here to have a cappacino. Go to the stephenville rodeo and see the best cowboys in the world do their thing.

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