Good morning, the kind crew of WNTW are no longer allowing me to blog. There’s a totally awesome surprise attached to that caveat, though…that and they know I have a big mouth and might totally spill the beans for tonight.

Instead let me say this: Cheese and noodles, stupid. Blondie. Jamaican. Jumpsuit. Thigh mic. Baffle. Boom. Drag Queen. Soda money. Wheelchair. Polar bears and their purpose. Sick bitches. Guy Smiley. Peach Pot. Meatloaf. Bino. Eric. Douglas Blue Eyes. Mean Bea. Jackie Ass Hater. Evil Banana Republic Guy. Can I have a Kleenex? Hoodie. Yoda. Jawa. Cab Stealing. Lucy. Chicken cutlets. Bones in food. Headless tilts.


See you all live and in person tomorrow, Dallas…You’ll see me if you know where to go and what time.  

If the ground shakes violently at approximately 11 a.m. Friday morning, it means me, my bodacious D-sized ta-tas and my wardrobe have arrived. Though, we might need a second plane for all of my shoes.


One Response to “Morning Report: Flaunt it if you got it”
  1. Sharon L says:

    “D” I never would have thought! My interest is so peaked, i just can’t wait. This is a story i wouldn’t dare miss. Happy trails!

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