Texas, among being the capital of so many other things, simply has to be the King of the Easily-Traveled-To Weekend. Awkward title perhaps, but still, it’s actually kind of tough to keep up with all of the cool, resorty, artsy-craftsy, types of places where the culture, food, drink and music collide with practical every day happenings within that city.

While a weekend in touring Fredericksburg, hitting the clubs of Austin or strolling through the malls of Dallas are well-known and oft-occurring, keep Bandera in mind you’re thinking about a fun weekend away from home. While so many associate Cowboys with Bandera, I’ve always looked at it as the past homes of Charlie and Bruce Robison, and even Robert Earl Keen. You know, some of our greatest troubadours. Perhaps that’s just me, though.

Here’s some really cool things that the Cowboy Capital of the World has going for it in the coming weeks…

  • Celebrate Bandera ~ 9/1 – 4: Concerts, Cattle Drives and general revelry will ensue as the town rightfully celebrates itself. Do not miss the Kings of Western Swing concert, by the way.


  • Cowboys on Main ~ Every Saturday: See for yourself how the town claimed it’s nickname. Each week, a show takes place in front of the Courthouse from 1pm – 4pm involving gunfights and all sorts of Cowboy-filled good times.



  • Cajun Festival & Great Jumbo Cook-Off ~ 9/24: This isn’t your typical Texas food festival where the name makes you think you’re in for an authentic experience, only to be submerged with bad red-dirt bands and carnival rides. this is the real deal. Real Cajun bands and real crawfish getting snapped and sucked. Awesome.

For further information on the events and attractions of Bandera, be sure to visit Bandera’s official tourism website.


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  1. Becky's Corner says:

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