Fresh from finishing a Showtime special, three very funny men have pulled up to the brick wall façade at the Addison Improv for their first stop on a national tour.

The three, Al Madrigal, Johnny Sanchez, and Carlos Alazraqui are far better known for their voices and characters then on name recognition.

Madrigal has had his own Comedy Central special and has been a regular on many sitcoms like CBS’s ‘Gary Unmarried’ and has appeared on dozens of talk shows and has been touring with his act for years. Much of his act is rooted in his own experience of being of Mexican origin but lacking the expected Spanish skills that can land him in situations like trying to hire day laborers at Home Depot to work on his house.

Breaking it down to being an uncomfortable rose ceremony on a bizarre version of the ‘Bachelor’ between two semi non-verbal workers he builds a pantomime tale of confusion that leaves the audience gasping for air.

Sanchez, a veteran of MadTV and a voiceover actor who provided the voice of Leonardo, the Spanish-accented penguin in ‘Happy Feet’. His razor sharp observational comedy is accented by a command of impersonating celebrity voices and creating stories of alienation and assimilation and odd twists on being known but not known in the entertainment industry.

Alazraqui (Al’s Racky if you are trying to figure out how to pronounce that mouthful) is a voice and comedic actor you know better than you might think. His first real huge success was as the voice of the Taco Bell Dog ad campaign and dozens of animated characters (including the penguin, Nestor, in ‘Happy Feet’) but by far he is best known for spending five seasons and two movies playing Officer James Garcia on Comedy Central’s ‘Reno 911!’. You’ve heard his voice in everything from “Family Guy” to “Fairly Odd Parents” and the unique voices and characters he builds up on stage are as animated in person as any pen and ink guy could pull off in a studio. Frantic and very funny, Alazraqui brought the house down with his tales of being a basic cable celebrity, which is kind of like being sort of recognized in the way someone who saw a wanted poster on the news kind of recognizes you.

With shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, this show is a must see. The three draw straws in the back to determine who hits the mike first which is unique because the three are all headliners in their own right.

For a night of gut busting comedy do not miss the Three Non Juans.

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