Flowers die. Cards get thrown away. Dinner is a crowded, reservation making mess.

And seriously folks, whether you have a load of cash or very little, the most memorable of love tokens are the ones that are the most thoughtful.

Never fear, Squawker readers. I’ve done some thoughtful, romantic research ACROSS THE STATE OF TEXAS so you don’t have to!

For the music lovers:

Is she June to your Johnny? Well, then you should take a look at this necklace duo, aptly called Johnny & June. Handmade by Leviticus Jewelry, this is one sweet Valentine’s Day message she soon won’t forget.

Does your fella croon sweet things in your ear and have a penchant for fedoras? Pick up these snazzy Frank Sinatra cuff links and pair them with a nice, not-so-pricey but high quality new shirt from Tycoon.

For the “I only shop locally” set:

Etsy Dallas member Dryan327 takes steampunkto a whole new level with these whimsical heart earrings made with clock parts.You could easy write a note along with the gift that reads, ‘You make my heart go tick tock. New parent? Baby totes don’t have to be so, so…momish. Reward that hot mom with a cute tote from Loop n’ Lil and stuff it with a Bliss gift certificate and a promise to give her a day off.

The Houston Craft Mafia‘s Lisa Chouinard has some pretty yummy soaps for the boy in your life. Now hear me out on this one, ladies. I’m 98% certain that if you bought, oh, a bar of her Little Devil Soap or a maybe something from her naughtier line of soaps, paired that with a bottle of luxury wine and the offer of a bubble bath, I just can’t see where you’d go wrong.    

In Austin? Oh that’s easy. Estsy Austin RAWKS. Miss Snappy has a darling beaded swallow necklace just longing to be around the neck you so adore and best be nuzzling on the 14th. Give your guy a little cheesecake for Valentine’s day with this naughty notebook made by PigsleyArt from a vintage pulp novel. Can private investigator Gib Bellamy solve this sexily murderous sexy murder?

Okay so maybe you’re in San Antonio, that’s fine. I know that at first mention, Arts and Crafts sounds kind of Geese with Blue Bows and Quilt-sy, but The Southwest School of Art & Craft’s gallery in San Antonio has an awesome gallery where you can pick up some amazing V-Day gifts. From art, to pottery and jewelry, there’s bound to be something to make your sweetie’s heart twitter. No? Fine. Try Hogwild Records for that mix-tape, er, CD, you’ve been wanting to make for your baby.

Maybe you’re more into the whole Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day:

Are you in a last minute dash to buy sweets for your sweetie? All Texas locations of 7-11 sell eco-friendly chocolates from Larabar Jocolat and all Target, Whole Foods Markets and CVS stores feature nom-noms from Green and Black’s eco-aware chocolates.

Chocolate not your thang? Plant a tree for your beloved. Or, take total advantage of one of our favorite charities, and give the gift of bunny rabbits, the offering of singing llamas, or, heck, a whole dang flock of ducks or even a darling little pig!

Are you broke. Like, totally flat broke?

Here’s a list of 10 free Valentine’s Day dates in Houston.

And if you’re in Austin? Here’s 10 Free things for you.

You say you’re in San Antonio? Um…lesse, how bout this list?

Dallas? Okay, well, you do realize Dallas is home to the $30k millionaire, right? No? You haven’t heard? Okay, try this!


And finally…if you’re the full-blown romance-and-money-is-no-object kinda guy or gal (rolling my eyes): 

A.) We hope you realize that 99.9999% of the world hates you, right? and B.) Here is a decadent option that you and your beloved might enjoy, how about a two-night stay in Dallas at The Joule’s Penthouse, a sumptuous Friday night dinner for two at Charlie Palmer, followed by chocolates, strawberries and champagne en suite along withHis n’ Hers monogrammed cashmere robes waiting for you. On Saturday morn you’ll be treated to a champagne breakfast and in-room massages and on Saturday night a private rooftop dinner for two prepared by Executive Chef Scott Romano. (Bored yet, ‘cause there’s more…) On Sunday morning you’ll get breakfast en suite or at Charlie Palmer, free of course, and you’ll have a personal chauffeur for the entire weekend. Did we happen to mention that the package also comes with a $45,000  price tag and seven 18k white gold and titanium diamond bangles by La Reina from Neiman Marcus?

Personally, if my baby had that much scrilla to blow, I’d opt for a trip to Vegas and just about anything from C.M. Yater’s estate *drooling* collection, preferably something with a canary diamond. We’d just invest the remaining $30k or make a down payment on a house.


Think you can do better? Leave your suggestions in the comments… 


P.S. Hey Peanut? I TOTALLY need this, k? And, um, I need THIS too! Um…and this. I need this!!


Happy Oh My Gawd It Is Less Than Two Weeks From Valentine’s Day Day!

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