OK, we’ll admit from the start that the idea which is about to be discussed didn’t originate in our own minds. Sorry, but we hope you appreciate our honesty.

Thanks to inspiration from a recent Dallas Observer article, and from the project that Nine Bullets.Net has been partaking in for a few months now, we know that it’s our time to do something for the bands in Texas trying to make a real go of it and get things…KICKSTARTED (sorry, had to).

For the uninitiated, Kickstarter is a still somewhat young site that enables bands (and artists of all types) to reach out into cyberspace in order to let their fans and/or possible patrons what new project they are working on, and what the artist will do for the donor, should the donor decide to anty-up some cash to help the project in-question along the road to completion. Some proposals are great: A donor coughs up $10.00 and the artist will send that person an early release of the album, or some extra goodies. Some bands offer such premiums as in-house concerts or trips to an out-of-town show if a large donation is made. There a few rules that also help make things nice and neat for all involved, too. The artist has to set a goal, and if that monetary goal isn’t reached by a certain date, the pledges that have been made will not go to the band. Basically: The band needs to really make sure what they are offering is worth the goal that they have set for themselves and they have given fans enough reason to shell out a bit of dough to help their cause.

So, here we are. Beginning with this post, we will choose at least one Texas-based Kickstarter project each month to support with our own money (personal note: this has already been cleared with the wife, so it’s for real!). Of course, we’ll then tell you about the artist and the project and encourage you to also lend a helping hand. For the most part, the projects will be of the musical variety, but there are plenty of intriguing artistic pursuits other than music on the docket at Kickstarter, so expect a couple of those as well.

So, here goes: The first Texas-based Kickstarter project we are supporting is (drumroll, please!)…. Ruby James from Austin, TX! She’s planning on recording an album at the legendary Sun Studios, and she is over halfway to her $10,000 goal. Let’s help her get there!

From what we can tell, James is following in he line of wonderful, soulful songstresses that Austin seems to just churn out. That doesnt mean she’s made of maney, of course. So, check out their Kisckstarter page and give the video a look and become one of their backers!

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