While we left May’s North Texas Beer Festival slightly underwhelmed (just slightly), we left with some grand impressions on a couple of brews that we knew we wanted to get to know much better than through the 2-3 oz samples we met them with at the very crowded, long-line-filled festival in Plano.

In fact, the beer that left me longing more than any other that day was one that I had been told once before to give a shot, actually. A few months ago, we stopped for a quick quality beer at Dallas’ Meddlesome Moth before a meeting, and as we were ready to leave, the bartender, realizing I had just downed one of their stout offerings said, “Bro, you gotta give the Jester King Black Metal a shot, now.” Unfortunately, we had to leave, but those words were at top of mind as the all-too small sample made its deep impression on out taste buds and frontal lobes at the festival.

This week, we found ourselves with reason to celebrate, and what better way to do that than with a premium beer that has haunted you for months, yet remained unexperienced fully to this point? After a stop into the wonderland that is Plano’s Mister G’s (for real, whether you’re looking for beer, wine or a great deli sandwich, this place is a practical toy store for adults), we had our eager hands on a 750 ml bottle of the Jester King Black Metal.

Easily one of the better Russian Imperial Stouts we’ve ever tasted, Jester King, located just outside of Austin, has simply done it and done it right. Weighing in at a seemingly weighty 10.4% ABV, the chocolatey, smokey, nutty and robust nectar has smooth and full mouth-feel yet never tastes like the pure alcohol that one might expect from a brew boasting a ABV that’s over twice what the typical Miller Lite limps in with.

As great as the beer itself is, Jester King just seems to know how to have fun and how to market their brews to their fellow Texans. The black bottle contains sweet, glam-metal-riffic artwork that would satisfy any KISS fan and the description of the beer that’s located on the back label boasts that it’s a “cruel and punishing brew fermented by the sheer force of its awesome will.” Can’t we all agree that a brewery that puts as much effort into the packaging and marketing of their product as they do in the quality of it is one that we should all get behind?

I thought so…


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