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EditorKelly Dearmore

Kelly likes sticks of meat, pool parties, marathon games of twister and Voltaire.  He’s currently serving as our Editor, so check his stuff out!

My 5 favorite things about Texas are: Shiner Sunday’s at Love&War in Texas(Plano), Austin City Limits Festival, Tubing the Guadalupe, Slobberbone, and his Mother


mandaAmanda W.

Amanda says, “My mother tells me that when I was born, they broke the mole, that’s right, the mole, not the mold. My grammar is atrocious, I overuse commas, I often anglicize words on accident, I’m glad the powers that be keep the fridge stocked with beer at BoT HQ. I think it rocks that my last name is Warr, though my husband wants to name our daughter Sybil. I’m extraordinarily long winded and my husband is terrified of spiders. I once heard a llama sing.”

My 5 favorite things about Texas are: my hubby, Texas music, BBQ at City Market in Luling, the Gulf Coast, and Shiner Bock.

lanceLance Lester
Music Squawker – The Squawker
Lance says, “I like to joke around unless it’s about music or something I really believe in or like. When you first meet me, I’m a man of few words. But, if I get to know you well or if you get enough drinks in me, you will probably want me to shut up… I love music and being able to write about it, for me music is love, therapy and escape. I can’t really get enough of it…. Oh, and I love to go to as many live shows as possible. And you should, too. I have a music blog called Bona Fide Darling. Visit it.”

My 5 favorite things about Texas are:  Tex-Mex, queso, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Austin, The Grapevine

connieConnie Hannon
Food & Travel Squawker – The Squawker
Connie says, “I’m a native Texan but have lived in Connecticut, California and Washington, D.C. I’ve had many titles – daughter, sister, ex-wife, mother but my favorite is writer. I won’t hesitate to give my opinion on just about everything and I’ll debate the world about everything Texas in our little corner of heaven.”

My 5 favorite things about Texas, besides my friends and family, are: the Knox-Henderson area in Dallas, Lake Whitney, good Tex-Mex, all things Austin and driving the highways and byways of this diverse state.

Bethany Anderson
Arts Squawker – The Squawker
Bethany says, “Raised in the jungles of Arkansas by a tribe of English professors and etiquette experts, I’ve been known to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb when I realize I’ve created a grammatical error. I am a winner of spelling bees, a champion at trivia, and once rescued a cat from behind the refrigerator. I hate lima beans.”

My 5 favorite things about Texas are: One-day “icepocalypses” ending in balmy 55 degree temperatures; Pete Delkus (for obvious reasons); Leonard, Texas (because it doesn’t get enough love, and it’s tiny, which makes it a runt puppy of a town, and who doesn’t love a runt puppy?); the Dallas Farmer’s Market; Austin in general and the Austin City Limits festival specifically.

carrie1Carrie Layne
Occasional Squawker & Best of Texas CEO / Owner
Carrie says, “I try to limit myself to saying the word “best” less than 100 times per day, but it comes with the territory.  I believe in working hard, playing hard, and I do both very well.  My passion is living life to its fullest, and the best way to do this is by finding the best places and sharing them with the best people. I’m also the owner and CEO of Best of Cayman!”

My 5 favorite things about Texas are:  Texans, Queso, Margaritas, Music, and Road Trips

whitneyWhitney Priddy
Squawker & Best of Texas Client Services
Whitney says, “I left the beach for wide open spaces, I am obsessed with vintage scarves and have a hard time accepting any form of criticism.”

My 5 favorite Things about Texas are: the winters, the boots, 6th street, the smell of West Texas, and queso on every corner.

ashAshley Wicks
Occasional Squawker & Best of Texas Marketing Manager

Ashley says, “I tend to talk in circles, over-analyze everything I write, absolutely love using the ellipses and think it’s pretty great that I can walk to Eatzi’s from the office.”

My 5 favorite things about Texas are: Queso, the huge selection of live music venues, Mi Tierra in San Antonio, Black Friar in Uptown, and the endless number of shops and malls to please my retail addiction.

Other Occasional Squawkers…

Howard Brawdy – Best of Texas Technical Genius and IT Guy Extraordinaire
Bud Layne – Best of Texas Vice President

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